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Seven Minutes to Noon

Seven Minutes to Noon

On a day that seems perfectly ordinary, Alice Halpern waits for her best friend Lauren at Carroll Park, the Brooklyn playground where they meet with their children every afternoon. But when Lauren doesn't arrive, and then fails to pick her son up from school, a normal day transforms into a nightmare.

The police desperately search for Lauren, who is nearly nine months pregnant. Close friends rally around her distraught husband and little boy, offering comfort and support. But hope vanishes when she is finally found...without her unborn child.

Alice, herself pregnant, realizes she's being followed and has the creeping fear that she and her unborn twins are also in danger. As the investigation intensifies, she is shocked as her familiar world begins to unravel. When the truth finally reveals itself, and the danger turns out to be rooted closer to home than anyone had ever guessed, she fights to save what little innocence remains.

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"From its brief but memorably creepy prologue to its haunting conclusion, Pepper's novel is a chilling look at how just a few minutes can turn very ordinary lives upside down..."
   —Toxic Universe

"In Seven Minutes to Noon...Pepper takes the fears every mother has for her children and exploits it to a terrifying degree."
   —Reviewers Choice [more]

"You'll startle at every strange sound as you read Kate Pepper's second book. Best not to be alone when turning the pages of Seven Minutes to Noon."
   —Bookloons [more]

"A gripping story that pulls you in and doesn't let go until the end."
   —Book Review Café


Interview: Written Voices Radio
Hear Kate discuss her 2005 novel Seven Minutes to Noon.

Interview: The Book Brothel
I've always wanted to write about the neighborhood in Brooklyn where I've lived for over twenty years; it's an inspiring area of nineteenth century brownstones, full of history and the sense of hidden stories. More specifically, the idea to make Seven Minutes to Noon about the dark underside of local real estate came from a personal experience...