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One Cold Night

One Cold Night

Detective Dave Strauss is happily married to Susan Bailey, owner of a chocolate shop nestled in the gentrifying industrial neighborhood of DUMBO, Brooklyn. Susan's younger sister, fourteen-year-old Lisa, lives with them. When Susan is forced to reveal a long-held family secret, Lisa bolts and doesn't return. Assuming she has run away, Dave and Susan search the shadowy cobbled streets beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, but Lisa is nowhere to be found. Soon clues gather to suggest the stark probability that Dave's old nemesis has returned to torment him.

Over the course of one long, cold night, Susan struggles to hold onto her marriage as her faith in old decisions crumbles, while Dave relives the unsolved case of a girl who left her middle school one day and never arrived home. His worst fear is that the two cases are connected and he will fail to find Lisa, as well.

As the hours pass and the night grows darker, with only a trail of blood and a series of untraceable phone calls from ''the groom'' hinting at Lisa's fate, Dave and Susan know that her disappearance is not a tragic coincidence...and that they have limited time to find her before she vanishes completely.

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"I was sucked into the book like Harry Potter and felt I was living each minute...The story is full of nuanced characters that make it come alive. Add that to the jagged emotions, incredible tension and gritty street feel and you've got a really good book."
   —Rendezvous Review Magazine (winner of the May 2006 Rosebud of the Month Award)

"Jam-packed with heart stopping suspense, One Cold Night is a book not to be missed. Ms. Pepper has a magnificent way of bringing each character to life in this very fascinating and intriguing tale."
   —Book Fetish [more]

"Pepper hits all the right notes with intelligence and compassion in this very taut tale of past mistakes and ruined souls...we can see an author who has much more to offer than the standard suspense...leaving the reader eagerly looking forward to the next."
   —New Mystery Reader [more]

"We know that when Kate Pepper writes a book it is going to be a thriller and she does not disappoint the reader with this one. This is an engrossing read that has many twists and turns. This book is highly recommended."
   —Mysteries Galore [more]

"One Cold Night is one of those fast-paced weekend reads, with some wonderful law enforcement characters...a great common-man deconstruction of Nabokov's LOLITA, and—at its core—a heart that cares about the people within its pages."
   — [more]


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