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Here She Lies

Here She Lies

When she discovers e-mail evidence of her husband's infidelity, Annie Milliken is shattered. Dismissing his pleas of innocence, she leaves their home in Kentucky and takes their baby daughter to western Massachusetts and the safe harbor of her identical twin sister, Julie. But Annie's sense of security evaporates when she arrives into a crime scene: a woman who resembles Annie and Julie has been murdered right in front of Julie's house.

Annie and Julie cooperate with the murder investigation. Meanwhile, the sisters become as close as they were growing up, spending their days together, dressing the same, sharing the baby. But when Annie applies for a job, everything comes undone. Her credit cards are stolen just as she's arrested for grand larceny. She realizes that she is the victim of identity theft, but has yet to understand the true scale of the crime. As her losses continue to mount with the abduction of her daughter, Annie fears that a deeper, darker crime has been at play all along.

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"A cast of strong, intelligent characters involved in complex relationships behave as sensibly as any of us could when the earth drops away and leaves us in freefall. Like Annie, the reader may have some idea of what's happening, but Pepper manages to throw enough curve balls to keep the tension high throughout, maintaining suspense right up to the final sentence and leaving the reader with a resolution that is both intriguing and satisfying."
   — [more]

"If you love Alfred Hitchcock classic mysteries, then do not hesitate to buy this book. Just when you think you know what is going on, a new twist springs a fresh revelation on you. Not until the very last page do the shocks end. This is a fascinating read, plain and simple."
   —Huntress Reviews [more]

"The author has picked the timely topic of identity theft and adds a unique twist by weaving murder into the mix. Just who is trying to destroy Annie's life is a mystery up until the end. Even though she's a strong character, Annie shows a realistically vulnerable side when it comes to her sister by turning a blind eye to the possibility of Julie's guilt. And Bobby? In my opinion, not very likeable but then I expect alpha males in my storylines and not a man willing to submit to a...dominant?...woman. However, it plays perfectly into the story all the way to the end. If you're looking for an engaging, page-turning thriller, pick up Here She Lies. Don't expect to put it down until the last page, though."
   —Book Fetish [more]

"Kate Pepper takes identity theft to the next level in Here She Lies. The novel is disturbing, and readers will be stunned by the horrendous twists in Ms. Pepper's tale....A heart-pounding summer read, Here She Lies is tailor-made for mystery fans."
   —The Romance Readers Connection [more]

"Besides being a great thriller, Here She Lies gives readers an incredible look at the consequences of identity theft and how it impacts the victims. Annie's love for her sterile twin is so strong and so deep that thinking bad thoughts about her sibling feels like a betrayal of the person she loves most next to her daughter. Bobby is a great character willing to be dominated by a stronger woman. Kate Pepper rolls up the tension in this cleverly written suspense laden urban crime thriller."
   —The Best Reviews, Harriet Klausner [more]


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